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A list of acronyms, initialisms and abbreviations of the NetHack community. Red links in this list probably need a redirect to the correct article, or maybe a new article. Also look in Category:Acronyms. For nicknames and item class abbreviations like "?oGD" for "scroll of gold detection", see Abbreviations.

  • AC - armor class - Usually called AC, and displayed as AC on the status line.
  • AoY or "oY - Amulet of Yendor - Everyone wants it. Also called "the Amulet". The cheap plastic imitation is a "fake AoY" or "fake Amulet".
  • ASCII - American Standard Code for Information Interchange - The character set from which NetHack finds those map symbols.
  • BSD - Berkeley System Distribution - Once a popular operating system for the VAX machine, and the original platform for NetHack. Today "BSD" refers to the modern variants of the original BSD.
  • BDSM - Probably an attempt to refer to black (or blue) dragon scale mail, in analogy to GSDM and SDSM. In non-NetHack contexts, or in certain jokes about nymphs or foocubi, BDSM may refer to...
  • DSM - dragon scale mail - Without the color, if you remove the first letter from GDSM or SDSM.
  • DYWYPI - Do you want your possesions identified? - The familiar message from the end of your game. Writing "DYWYPI?" is a way to imply that the hero died.
  • E - Elbereth - In contexts like "Engrave E" or "Why didn't you E?", especially in IRC where participants remain too lazy to type Her name.
  • FAQ - frequently asked questions - Many Usenet groups, including RGRN, periodically post a FAQ to explain the group.
  • GDSM - gray dragon scale mail - Non-metal armor that provides good AC and magic resistance. Frequent wish, along with SDSM.
  • GoD or [oD - gauntlets of dexterity - Sometimes an alternative to GoP in ascension kits.
  • GoP or [oP - gauntlets of power - Common item in ascension kits, for boosting strength to 25.
  • IRC - Internet Relay Chat - Online chat, divided into rooms called channels. Freenode has a #nethack channel for spoily discussion.
  • LRS - Larn Revenue Service - NetHack mentions the LRS when you try to drop 2^32-n gold.
  • NGPL - NetHack General Public License - Usually refers to the template {{NGPL}} on this wiki.
  • NH - NetHack
  • NHINRL - NetHack is not real life - Explanation for why NetHack does not always follow the physics of the real world.
  • PYEC - the Platinum Yendorian Express Card - Tourist's quest artifact, and popular wish for other neutral characters who want to add charges to items.
  • RGRN or rgrn - - The game's discussion group on Usenet.
  • RL - real life or roguelike - Usually in the phrase NHINRL. Some other roguelike games have RL in their names.
  • S or S'EM - SLASH'EM - An "S" in the subject line of RGRN posts may indicate that the post is about SLASH'EM.
  • SDSM - silver dragon scale mail - Non-metal armor that provides good AC and reflection. Frequent wish, along with GDSM.
  • TDTTOE - The DevTeam Thinks Of Everything - The expression for when you try something strange in NetHack, and the game reacts appropriately.
  • unihorn - unicorn horn - Important cure. A cursed unihorn is a problem, but a spare unihorn may help.
  • WoW or /oW - wand of wishing - Everyone wants this. The WoW in the Castle is usually termed the "castle wand".
  • WoY - Wizard of Yendor - More frequently terms for him are "Rodney" or "the Wizard". The WoY wants the AoY.
  • YA... - yet another...
    • YAAD - Yet Another Annoying Death - Alternative to YASD, when the annoyed player blames the game, not a player's mistake, for the death of the hero.
    • YAAP - Yet Another Ascension Post - A post to RGRN announcing that a player won the game!
    • YAFAP - Yet Another First Ascension Post - A post to RGRN announcing a player's first win!
    • YAFM - Yet Another Funny Message - Because you did not expect the message, but TDTTOE.
    • YANC - Yet Another Newt Comic - A strip in which a newt appears and scares (and usually kills) Dudley.
    • YANI - Yet Another New Idea - A muse to add some feature to NetHack.
    • YASD - Yet Another Stupid Death - A mistake that causes the death of the hero.

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