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These templates are designed to help color NetHack symbols consistently. They use the standard CGA colour palette that NetHack uses, plus a black background for ease of viewing.


To display the symbol for a yellow light, type {{yellow|y}}. Result: y.

Or you could use the Template:Monsym instead: {{monsym|floating_eye}}

Colour tableEdit

From Wikipedia:IBM Color Graphics Adapter:

'''Full CGA 16-color palette'''
0 — black
8 — (dark) gray
1 — blue
9 — bright blue
2 — green
10 — bright green
3 — cyan
11 — bright cyan
4 — red
12 — bright red
5 — magenta
13 — bright magenta
6 — brown
14 — yellow
7 — white (light gray)
15 — bright white


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