[   bronze plate mail   Bronze plate mail
Appearance bronze plate mail
Slot body armor
AC 6
Special (none)
Cost 400 zm
Weight 450
Material copper
( Lamp
Name oil lamp
Appearance lamp
Cost 10 zm
Weight 20

Copper is a material that makes up some items. Copper really refers to a family of copper-alloyed metals, susceptible to corrosion but not rust and of a similar color.

The prime example is the bronze plate mail. The other main copper items are the light source items lamp, magic lamp and brass lantern. There are no copper weapons.

One of the 28 rings is always copper, as is one of the 27 wands.

Copper can be eaten by Rock moles and Xorns.

Polypiling copper objects may result in either a stone golem or a clay golem[1].

Source code references Edit

  1. zap.c#line1087

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