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While slow, the crocodile can do significant damage, and is much more difficult a foe than its younger form.

A crocodile corpse is a good meal, but an adventurer with a wand of polymorph may want to reconsider before eating — polypiling a crocodile corpse will yield a pair of non-cursed fireproof +0 low boots.

The baby crocodile is simply just a young crocodile. It is amphibious, and rather slow moving. It poses little threat to a player, as escape is easy.

Encyclopedia entry Edit

A big animal with the appearance of a lizard, constituting
an order of the reptiles (_Loricata_ or _Crocodylia_), the
crocodile is a large, dangerous predator native to tropical
and subtropical climes.  It spends most of its time in large
bodies of water.

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