Dazzle is a technique used by Vampires in SLASHEM, it can be used at level 1. When the Dazzle technique is used using the #technique command the first monster in the given direction, within distance of (technique level / 8), is frozen for d10 turns.

The chance of sucess is dependant on (technique level - monster HD) as follows:

technique level
- monster HD
% chance
<1 0
2 8.33
3 16.67
4 27.78
5 41.67
6 58.33
7 72.22
8 83.33
9 91.67
10 97.22
>= 11 100

The Dazzle technique is reuseable after a random time from 25 to 74 turns.

This technique cannont be used if blind or on monsters who are unable to see.

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