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When a monster is generated, there is a chance that it will be given a defensive item in order to protect itself from hostile adventurers. This will happen if the monster's level equals or exceeds the roll of a d50.[1]

The following monster types are ineligible for defensive items:

In addition, regular soldiers have a 12/13 chance of missing out on the defensive item roll.

If chosen to receive a defensive item, the monster selects and rolls a die according to its difficulty:

Difficulty Roll
3 or less d8
4–6 d9
7–8 d10
9 or more d11

The result of this die roll is given by the following table:

Roll Outcome
1–2 scroll of teleportation
3 scroll of create monster
4 potion of healing
5 potion of extra healing
6 potion of full healing
(potion of sickness for Pestilence)
7 wand of teleportation (33%) or scroll of teleportation (67%)
(reroll up to 2 times if no-teleport level)
8 wand of digging
(nothing for floating eyes, shopkeepers, guards, and temple priests)
9 wand of create monster (33%) or scroll of create monster (67%)
10 (teleport item, same as case 7)
11 (create-monster item, same as case 9)

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