Disease is the fatal illness conferred by the attacks of Demogorgon, Juiblex, Scorpius, and Pestilence. It is marked by the text Ill (ill) on the status line.

The first time you contract the disease, a turns-to-live timer is started, set to between 20 and (19+Con). Each additional disease attack while you are Ill divides the remaining turns-to-live by roughly 3[1].

Disease is fatal, unless cured by a unicorn horn, a blessed potion of healing or blessed/noncursed potion of extra healing/full healing, the spell of cure sickness, an eucalyptus leaf, prayer, the Staff of Aesculapius[2], polymorphing into a new version of yourself[3] or a sickness-resistant monster[4], a nurse's healing attack[5], a throne (1/13 Chance)[6], or, if non-chaotic, holy water.

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Source code referencesEdit

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