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Disintegration resistance is useful for preventing instadeaths caused by disintegration. It can be acquired as an intrinsic by eating a black dragon corpse (100% chance) or the Chromatic Dragon's corpse (~17% chance). It can also be obtained by wearing black dragon scales or black dragon scale mail.

Disintegration resistance protects against two things: the breath attack of a black dragon, and the wide-angle disintegration beam of an angry god. It will also protect your shield, cloak, body armor and shirt from disintegration breath, but not from a wide-angle beam.

In general, if you avoid angering the gods, reflection is a good enough protection against disintegration breath attacks. However, it is still a good idea to seek the intrinsic if possible, in case a black dragon attacks you while you are nurse-dancing or attempting to polymorph.

Messages Edit

"You feel very firm."
You obtained disintegration resistance by eating a corpse.
"You feel totally together, man."
You obtained disintegration resistance by eating a corpse, while hallucinating.

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