Dudley's dungeon is the webcomic once hosted at It was finished on the last day of 2008. However two new versions appeared soon. One at uses the same code as the original version. Another one is located at created by paxed and has several differences. Most notable are colors and graphical editor. User accounts are same as on NAO.

This webcomic is set in NetHack. Our hero, Dudley, wants to obtain the Amulet of Yendor. The webcomic is in ASCII, like NetHack in tty mode, so you can read it even if your web browser does not load graphics. However, do not forget to set proper options when reading it from text browser (such as w3m or lynx), since otherwise popup explanations will interfere with the text of the comic.


A screenshot of a fan-made comic made in the interface.

Anyone may design and submit, to either of the two new sites, their own version of a Dudley comic for it to be commented and voted upon when published.

There is a wiki page about the webcomic at:

Things from the webcomic Edit

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