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Experience points or XP are units that are used to gain experience levels. They can be shown with the "showexp" option.

Experience points can be gained by:

  • Killing monsters, with stronger monsters awarding more points.
  • Eating tripe, yielding 1 XP (50% chance).
  • The first minor consultation from the Oracle gives 5 XP.
  • The first major consultation gives 55 XP or more, depending on your level.
  • Quaffing from sinks, which can give 1 XP (5% chance).
  • Untrapping squeaky boards, for 1 XP.

See the oracle page for the precise mechanics, in particular, order matters.

A blessed potion of gain level gives you enough XP for the next level as well as halfway to the next level, while an uncursed potion, a wraith corpse or a "very educational experience" with a foocubus just gives you enough XP needed to gain the one level.

When you lose a level, your XP is set to 1 less than your current level needs.

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