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( Figurine
Name figurine
Appearance figurine
Cost 80 zm
Weight 50

Figurines are similar to statues in that casting stone to flesh at them re-animates them. However, this is where the similarities end. Figurines are generally lighter than statues, can not be created by petrifying a creature, and can not be destroyed with a pick-axe or wand of striking. They are classified as magical tools because they can be (a)pplied to an adjacent square to re-animate. The resulting creature is most likely to be tame if the figurine was blessed, peaceful if it was uncursed, and hostile if it was cursed; however, even a blessed figurine may create a hostile monster, or a cursed figurine a tame monster. The odds are as follows:

tame peaceful hostile
blessed 80% 10% 10%
uncursed 10% 80% 10%
cursed 10% 10% 80%

Some players wish for a blessed figurine of an Archon or Solar in the hopes of gaining a powerful pet; as noted above, this may backfire and leave the player in a nasty situation should the angel turn out to be hostile! It can be a good idea to stand two squares from the stairs when applying it so you can #jump to escape a bad outcome.

If a figurine is applied to a square with a monster on it, the figurine will be lost and nothing will be spawned.

A figurine counts as a magical object, and is ideal for polypiling.

Messages Edit

"You get a bad feeling about this"[1]
The monster generated was hostile.
"The figurine writhes and then shatters into pieces!"
You applied the figurine to a square with a monster on it, or applied a figurine of a genocided monster. The figurine is lost and unrecoverable.
"You see a <monster> drop out of your pack!"
You were carrying a cursed figurine, which spontaneously transformed.

References Edit

  1. dog.c#line102

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