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( Horn
Name horn of plenty
Appearance horn
Cost 50 zm
Weight 18

A horn of plenty is one of the magical horns, but unlike the other horns, it cannot be used as a musical instrument.[1] It is created with 1 to 20 charges and it may contain up to 50 charges. When applied, it produces food (including royal jelly) or a potion of water, fruit juice, booze, acid, sickness or oil. The BUC of the item produced depends on the blessed/uncursed/cursed status of the horn.

A blessed horn of plenty is a great Tourist wish since it can be recharged indefinitely with The Platinum Yendorian Express Card.

1 in 13 applications (7.7%) will produce a potion, in the following ratios:

potion of booze 19%
potion of sickness 4.2%
potion of fruit juice 19%
potion of acid 15.8%
potion of oil 17.8%
potion of water 24%

The remaining 92% of applications will produce food, in the following ratios (multiples may be created if the food code permits):

tripe ration 14%
random egg 8.5%
eucalyptus leaf 0.3%
apple 1.5%
orange 1%
pear 1%
melon 1%
banana 1%
carrot 1.5%
sprig of wolfsbane 0.7%
clove of garlic 0.7%
slime mold 7.5%
lump of royal jelly 5.4%
cream pie 2.5%
candy bar 1.3%
fortune cookie 5.5%
pancake 2.5%
lembas wafer 2%
cram ration 2%
food ration 32.6%
random tin, including spinach 7.5%

References Edit

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