These are tiles that were distributed with NetHack 3.2.0, the first version to support tiles, and are substantially different from their counterparts in NetHack 3.4.3.

All of these tiles remained in use through NetHack 3.2.3, and some remained in use through NetHack 3.3.1.

Each tile is shown with its modern counterpart to the right, if that tile has been uploaded. The Wizard of Balance is the former Wizard Quest leader, and is succeeded by Neferet the Green.


Mind flayer 320 Mind flayer mind flayer Gnome mummy 320 Gnome mummy gnome mummy Grid bug 320 Grid bug grid bug
Healer 320 Healer healer Priest 320 Priest priest Priestess 320 Priestess priestess
Wizard of balance 320 Neferet the Green Wizard of Balance            


Bell of opening 320 Bell of Opening Bell of Opening Iron shoes 320 Iron shoes iron shoes Murky potion 320 Murky potion murky potion


Altar 320 Altar Altar Sub mine walls 0 320   Gnomish Mines wall Sub mine walls 1 320   Gnomish Mines wall
Sub mine walls 2 320   Gnomish Mines wall Sub mine walls 4 320   Gnomish Mines wall      
The NetHack General Public License applies to screenshots, source code and other content from NetHack.

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