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The Martial arts skill is used when attacking or kicking enemies while wielding nothing. Monks and Samurai possess this skill, superior to the bare hands skill. The base damage for a Martial arts attack is d4, and all bare handed melee attacks enjoy at least a +2 to hit bonus. (+1 melee, +1 bare hands / martial arts at unskilled). A bare handed monk without body armor gets an additional bonus.

When attacking using martial arts without a shield, there is a chance of dealing a staggering blow, knocking the enemy backwards.[1]


The Samurai has recourse to much better attacks than martial arts, but the extra damage compared to bare hands can come in handy against acid blobs and other weapon-damaging monsters. Carrying some form of ranged attack will greatly reduce your need to resort to unarmed combat, and even a Monk can benefit from having projectiles at his disposal.

Attacking with martial arts causes silver damage if you are wearing a silver ring and no gloves. Blessed gloves or boots cause +d4 blessed damage against demons and the undead. A ring of increase damage is a worthwhile possession for a Monk who loses out on benefits of weapon enchantment, and these can be eaten if appropriately polymorphed and the ring is of the appropriate type (metal for metallivores, wooden for a gelatinous cube). The skill level for martial arts can reach Grand Master with large bonuses eventually accumulating.

Martial arts attacks do not break the never hit with a wielded weapon conduct, but neither do attacks from wielded non-weapon items.

Martial arts skillEdit

Martial arts
Max Role
Grand Master

References Edit

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