Matter spells deal with both the real and magical world. The spells within the school provide means of changing the construction or operation of items or monsters directly.

The following roles can gain skills in the matter school:

Matter spells
Max Role

The following spellbooks teach you matter spells:

Spellbook Spell Level Relative Probability Turns to Read Probability Conditional on Price
Spellbook of knock 1 3.56% 1 12.2%
Spellbook of wizard lock 2 3.05% 3 12.8%
Spellbook of dig 5 2.03% 6 52.6%
Spellbook of polymorph 6 1.01% 8 19.6%
Spellbook of cancellation 7 1.52% 8 75.0%


Flame mages, ice mages and necromancers can gain expert skill in matter spells in SLASH'EM. Undead slayers can gain basic. There are four new spells in the matter school: flame sphere (level 1), freeze sphere (level 1), lightning (level 4), acid stream (level 4). Fireball (level 4) and cone of cold (level 5) are now matter spells instead of attack spells.

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