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NetHack 3.0.0 is the fifth public release of NetHack and the first by the DevTeam. Izchak Miller published it to the Usenet newsgroup and the moderator approved it in July 1989.

Availability Edit

Google Groups has archived NetHack 3.0.0; but the original source is more easily obtained from UUNet at [1]. The partXX.Z files in that directory are NetHack 3.0.0; patch* files are the patches for succeeding versions through NetHack 3.0.10.

Ali Harlow[2] has a NetHack 3.0.0 distribution at [3]; this is also available on Wikihack for browsing and annotation: NetHack 3.0.0 source code.

Significant changes Edit

NetHack 3.0.0 is a vastly expanded game over NetHack 2.3e. The bestiary is expanded over threefold. Many new objects and dungeon features are added.

The Oracle and Castle levels and an early form of the Astral Plane appear for the first time. The Stooges and their attendant level are removed.

Vlad the Impaler and his Tower appear for the first time, but the Candelabrum of Invocation does not.

The room with the Wizard of Yendor is redesigned. The Fake Tower levels in the modern NetHack are shaped like the 3.0.x room.

The modern system of alignment and gods is introduced. Some roles have different alignments than in the modern game.

Full support for IBMgraphics and DECgraphics in essentially their modern forms is provided.

Support for the Amiga and Atari ST is provided for the first time in an official distribution.

The adventurer Edit

The player may choose from these roles:


The Ninja class is removed in favor of the Rogue.

All classes permit male and female adventurers, except the Valkyrie which must be female.

The adventurer has experience, hit points, magical energy, armor class, alignment, and the six major attributes. He may advance to experience level 30.

The initial pet is a little dog for Cavemen, a kitten for Wizards, and a random choice of the two for all others.

Dungeon features Edit

The dungeon in NetHack 3.0.0 has no branches; there is one way up and one way down. The first 25 levels or so consist of rooms, and beyond that, the adventurer encounters the Castle and then mazes. The deepest dungeon level is 50.

Medusa appears as '@' on the down-stairs of the level before the Castle. She does not have a special level, and is thus a snare for the unwary adventurer.

Dungeon levels below the Castle are designated as "Hell". Entering hell without fire resistance, or losing it once there, is an instadeath. This may happen by taking off an item that confers fire resistance (ring of fire resistance or red dragon scale mail), losing one's polymorph, or by being hit by a gremlin. One may still be saved if he has some other source of fire resistance. These levels have only up-stairs, and the only way to proceed beyond the first level after the Castle is by level teleportation.

Special rooms are:

Special features are:

Traps are:

The Amulet of Yendor is found in the posession of the Wizard of Yendor in a maze level. He is in a small room in the center of the maze, surrounded by water and accompanied by a hell hound and a vampire lord.

Fake Wizard rooms contain a random demon prince instead of the Wizard and a fake Amulet. If all demon princes have appeared, a demon lord appears instead; if all demon lords have appeared, the room contains a random ordinary demon. All eight modern named demons exist, but their modern lairs do not.

A wand of wishing is guaranteed in the Castle, in its modern position; but it lies exposed on the floor instead of being protected by a chest and Elbereth.

When ascending from level 1 with the Amulet of Yendor, one is transported immediately to the Astral Plane; the Elemental Planes do not yet exist. The Astral Plane is different from the modern game, having mazes and powerful monsters instead of the denizens of the modern version.

Bestiary Edit

New monsters are indicated in boldface.

The following monsters may be encountered:

giant anta
soldier anta
fire anta
giant beetlea
killer beea
queen beea
acid blobb
gelatinous cubeb
quivering blobb
little dogd
large dogd
werejackal@/dcalled "jackalwere" in animal form
werewolf@/dcalled "wolfwere" in animal form
winter wolfd
hell hound pupd
hell hounddNow has breath weapon
floating eyee
freezing spheree
large catf
hobbithIf TOLKIEN defined at compile time
dwarf lordh
dwarf kingh
quasitiNon-default in 2.3e
large koboldk
kobold lordk
kobold shamank
master lichl
small mimicm"mimic" in 2.3e
large mimicm"mimic" in 2.3e
giant mimicm"mimic" in 2.3e
red naga hatchlingn
black naga hatchlingn
golden naga hatchlingn
guardian naga hatchlingn
red nagan
black nagan
golden nagan
guardian nagan
hill orco"orc" in 2.3e
Mordor orcoIf TOLKIEN defined at compile time; "orc" in 2.3e
Uruk-haioIf TOLKIEN defined at compile time; "orc" in 2.3e
orc shamano"orc" in 2.3e
orc-captaino"orc" in 2.3e
rock piercerp"piercer" in 2.3e
iron piercerp"piercer" in 2.3e
mumakilqIf TOLKIEN defined at compile time
wumpusqNon-default in 2.3e
sewer ratr
giant ratr
rabid ratr
wererat@/rCalled "ratwere" in animal form
rock moler
cave spiders
scorpionsNon-default in 2.3e
giant spiders
lurker abovet
white unicornu"unicorn" in 2.3e
grey unicornu"unicorn" in 2.3e
black unicornu"unicorn" in 2.3e
fog cloudv
dust vortexv
energy vortexv
ice vortexv
steam vortexv
fire vortexv
baby long wormwIf WORM defined at compile time
baby purple wormw
long wormwIf WORM defined at compile time
purple wormw
yellow lighty
carnivorous apeA
giant batB
vampire batB
plains centaurC"centaur" in 2.3e
forest centaurC"centaur" in 2.3e
mountain centaurC"centaur" in 2.3e
baby grey dragonD
baby red dragonD
baby white dragonD
baby blue dragonD
baby green dragonD
baby orange dragonD
baby black dragonD
baby yellow dragonD
grey dragonD
red dragonD
orange dragonD
white dragonD
black dragonD
blue dragonD
green dragonD
yellow dragonD
air elementalE
fire elementalE
earth elementalE
water elementalE
violet fungusF
brown moldF
yellow moldF
green moldF
red moldF
gnome lordG
gnome kingG
gnomish wizardG
stone giantH"giant" in 2.3e
hill giantH"giant" in 2.3e
fire giantH"giant" in 2.3e
frost giantH"giant" in 2.3e
blue jellyJ
spotted jellyJ
ochre jellyJ
Keystone KopKIf KOPS defined at compile time
Kop SergeantKIf KOPS defined at compile time
Kop LieutenantKIf KOPS defined at compile time
Kop KaptainKIf KOPS defined at compile time
kobold mummyM
gnome mummyM
orc mummyM
elf mummyM
human mummyM
ettin mummyM
giant mummyM
wood nymphN"nymph" in 2.3e
water nymphN"nymph" in 2.3e
mountain nymphN"nymph" in 2.3e
ogre lordO
ogre kingO
gray oozeP
brown puddingP
black puddingP
quantum mechanicQ
mad scientistQ
rust monsterR
garter snakeS
pit viperS
water moccasinS
ice trollT
rock trollT
water trollT
Olog-haiTIf TOLKIEN defined at compile time
umber hulkU
vampire lordV
Vlad the ImpalerV
barrow wightW
NazgulWIf TOLKIEN defined at compile time
kobold zombieZ"zombie" in 2.3e
gnome zombieZ"zombie" in 2.3e
orc zombieZ"zombie" in 2.3e
elf zombieZ"zombie" in 2.3e
human zombieZ"zombie" in 2.3e
ettin zombieZ"zombie" in 2.3e
giant zombieZ"zombie" in 2.3e
straw golem'If GOLEMS defined at compile time
rope golem'If GOLEMS defined at compile time
leather golem'If GOLEMS defined at compile time
wood golem'If GOLEMS defined at compile time
flesh golem'If GOLEMS defined at compile time
clay golem'If GOLEMS defined at compile time
stone golem'If GOLEMS defined at compile time
iron golem'If GOLEMS defined at compile time
Woodland-elf@If TOLKIEN defined at compile time
Green-elf@If TOLKIEN defined at compile time
Grey-elf@If TOLKIEN defined at compile time
temple priest@If ALTARS and THEOLOGY defined at compile time
temple priestess@If ALTARS and THEOLOGY defined at compile time
unarmored soldier@If ARMY defined at compile time
soldier@If ARMY defined at compile time
sergeant@If ARMY defined at compile time
lieutenant@If ARMY defined at compile time
captain@If ARMY defined at compile time
Wizard of Yendor@
Medusa@If MEDUSA defined at compile time; "medusa" in 2.3e
oracle@If ORACLE defined at compile time
water demon&
demon&If HARD not defined at compile time (not in default build)
horned devil&If HARD defined at compile time
succubus&If HARD defined at compile time
incubus&If HARD defined at compile time
erinyes&If HARD defined at compile time
marilith&If HARD defined at compile time
barbed devil&If HARD defined at compile time
vrock&If HARD defined at compile time
hezrou&If HARD defined at compile time
bone devil&If HARD defined at compile time
nalfeshnee&If HARD defined at compile time
ice devil&If HARD defined at compile time
pit fiend&If HARD defined at compile time
balrog&If HARD defined at compile time
Juiblex&If HARD defined at compile time
Yeenoghu&If HARD defined at compile time
Orcus&If HARD defined at compile time
Geryon&If HARD defined at compile time
Dispater&If HARD defined at compile time
Baalzebul&If HARD defined at compile time
Asmodeus&If HARD defined at compile time
Demogorgon&If HARD defined at compile time
mail daemon&If MAIL defined at compile time
giant eel;Restored from NetHack 2.2a
electric eel;

The Three Stooges were removed.

The attentive reader will note that no monster has the symbol j.

Objects Edit

New objects are indicated in boldface.

Artifacts Edit

NetHack 3.0.0 was the first version to have artifacts as such. Previous versions gave special significance to certain names applied to certain objects, but did not require these names to be unique. Furthermore, Excalibur was the only restricted name.

Artifacts in NetHack 3.0.0 are:

Excaliburlong sword
SnickersneekatanaNo longer user-nameable
Orcristtwo-handed swordUser-nameable
Stingelven daggerUser-nameable; dagger if no TOLKIEN; formerly dagger or short sword
Frost Brandlong sword
Fire Brandlong sword
Sunswordlong sword
Demonbanelong sword
Werebanelong sword
Giantslayerlong sword
Ogresmasherlucern hammer
Thunderfistlucern hammer
Trollsbanemorning star

Amulets Edit

The entire class of amulets is new in NetHack 3.0.0, except the Amulet of Yendor and its cheap plastic imitation.

Amulets, including the Amulet of Yendor, are wearable for the first time. Wearing the Amulet of Yendor has no effect.

Amulets in NetHack 3.0.0 are:

Food Edit

Food items in NetHack 3.0.0 are:

The slice of pizza was removed; the nameable fruit takes its place.

Weapons Edit

Weapons in NetHack 3.0.0 are:

The sling bullet is removed. The rock is now listed as a stone rather than a weapon.

Tools Edit

Tools in NetHack 3.0.0 are:

Keys have shapes that fit specific locks on chests and large boxes; the skeleton key fits all locks and can also open doors.

Armor Edit

Armor items in NetHack 3.0.0 are:

Potions Edit

Potions in NetHack 3.0.0 are:

The method of obtaining holy or unholy water is different from modern versions. One drops a potion of water on an altar and it immediately becomes blessed, uncursed, or cursed for lawful, neutral, or chaotic altars, respectively.

Scrolls Edit

Scrolls in NetHack 3.0.0 are:

The scroll of damage weapon is removed; the scroll of enchant weapon, when cursed, takes over its former role.

The scroll of genocide takes on its modern response to blessings and curses.

Wands Edit

Wands in NetHack 3.0.0 are:

Spellbooks Edit

All spellbooks are present if and only if SPELLS is defined at compile time.

Spellbooks in NetHack 3.0.0 are:

Rings Edit

Rings in NetHack 3.0.0 are:

NetHack 3.0.0 introduces the modern system of six abilities, and so the ring of adornment is useful for the first time.

Stones Edit

Stones in NetHack 3.0.0 are:

and worthless pieces of white, blue, red, yellowish brown, and green glass. The rock is now a stone rather than a weapon.

Other items Edit

Other items not appearing in the above categories are:

Blinding and acid venom are also listed as objects, but they only exist while in flight, or when a wizard mode wish requests them.

Iron chains now exist as true objects, dropped when an iron golem dies.

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