NetHack Plus is a variant of NetHack 3.1.3. Stephen White published several versions from June 1994 to January 1995.

Availability Edit

The last version of NetHack Plus is available at Ali Harlow's web site in two parts:

Earlier versions are not known to survive. This version is ported to MS-DOS only, although other ports might be possible to make.

This last released version of NetHack Plus is based mainly on NetHack 3.1.3; however, many of the dungeon description files are closer to those in NetHack 3.1.0.

Significant changes Edit

NetHack Plus adds new roles, objects, and monsters to NetHack 3.1.3, and adds the Black Market to the dungeon.

The adventurer Edit

The player may choose from these roles, in addition to those in NetHack 3.1.3:

RoleAlignmentInitial pet
DoppelgangerNeutrallittle dog or kitten
Flame MageNeutralbaby red dragon
Ice MageNeutralbaby white dragon
MonkNeutrallittle dog or kitten
Undead SlayerLawfullittle dog or kitten

Barbarians are changed from neutral to chaotic, and Elves from chaotic to lawful.

All classes permit male and female adventurers, except the Valkyrie which must be female.

The adventurer has experience, hit points, magical energy, armor class, alignment, and the six major attributes. He may advance to experience level 30.

Dungeon features Edit

The dungeon is similar to that of NetHack 3.1.3, differing in that it adds the Black Market anywhere from 1 to 3 levels above the Castle. The Black Market is accessed by a magic portal.

The requirements to win the game are the same as in NetHack 3.1.3.

Special rooms are the same as in NetHack 3.1.3. There is one additional type of shop, a pet shop.

Special dungeon features are the same as in NetHack 3.1.3, except that the water weird fountain is added if WWEIRD is defined at compile time.

NetHack Plus defines no traps that are not present in NetHack 3.1.3.

Bestiary Edit

NetHack Plus defines the following monsters, in addition to those found in NetHack 3.1.3; most relate to the new roles:

deep dragonDNo breath weapon; attack is drain life
water weirdEif WWEIRD defined at compile time
black marketeer@if BLACKMARKET defined at compile time
flame mage@
ice mage@
undead slayer@
Master Shifter@Doppelganger quest leader
High Flame Mage@Flame Mage quest leader
High Ice Mage@Ice Mage quest leader
High Lycanthrope@Lycanthrope quest leader
Grand Master@Monk quest leader
Master Slayer@Undead Slayer quest leader
Transmuter@Doppelganger quest nemesis
Water Mage@Flame Mage quest nemesis
Earth Mage@Ice Mage quest nemesis
Sir Lorimar@Lycanthrope quest nemesis
Master Kaen@Monk quest nemesis
Master VecnaLUndead Slayer quest nemesis
shifter@Doppelganger quest guardian
igniter@Flame Mage quest guardian
froster@Ice Mage quest guardian
fiend@Lycanthrope quest guardian
intern@function unknown
abbot@Monk quest guardian
exterminater [sic]@Undead Slayer quest guardian

Objects Edit

Objects listed here are in addition to those in NetHack 3.1.3.

Artifacts Edit

Some artifacts have different properties from NetHack 3.1.3, and Giantslayer is not present. Artifacts not present in 3.1.3 are in boldface.

Artifacts in NetHack Plus are the following

Cleaverbattle-axeChaoticBarbarianNeutral in 3.1.3
Serpents Tongue [sic]daggerChaotic 
Grimtoothorcish daggerChaotic 
Doombladeorcish short swordChaotic 
Elfristorcish spearNone 
Thiefbanelong swordChaotic if BLACKMARKET defined at compile time
Luckbladeshort swordNeutral
Mjollnirheavy hammerNeutralValkyrieA war hammer in 3.1.3
Frost Brandlong swordNeutralIce MageNo role in 3.1.3
Fire Brandlong swordNeutralFire MageNo role in 3.1.3
DragonbanebroadswordNone Neutral in 3.1.3
Sword of Balancesilver short swordNeutral 
Giantkillerdwarvish mattockNone A long sword named Giantslayer in 3.1.3
Vorpal Bladelong swordNeutral 
Grayswandirsilver saberLawful 
Quick Bladeelven short swordLawfulElf
Fire DaggerdaggerLawfulHealer
Excaliburlong swordLawfulKnight
Sunswordlong swordLawfulPriest
Demonbanelong swordNone Lawful in 3.1.3
Werebanesilver saberNone Lawful in 3.1.3
Trollsbanemorning starNone Chaotic in 3.1.3
Ogresmasherwar hammerNone Lawful in 3.1.3
Orcristelven broadswordNone Chaotic and Elf in 3.1.3
Stingelven daggerNone Damages spiders rather than orcs; chaotic in 3.1.3
Holy Spear of Lightsilver spearLawfulUndead Slayer
Gauntlets of Defensegauntlets of dexterityNeutralMonk

The following are Quest artifacts and appear only if MULDGN is defined at compile time.

The Orb of Detectioncrystal ballLawfulArcheologist
The Heart of AhrimanluckstoneChaoticBarbarianNeutral in 3.1.3
The Sceptre of MightquarterstaffLawfulCaveman
The Medallion of Shiftersamulet of ESPNeutralDoppelganger
The Palantir of Westernessecrystal ballLawfulElfChaotic in 3.1.3
The Candle of Eternal Flamemagic candleNeutralFlame Mage
The Staff of AesculapiusquarterstaffNeutralHealer
The Storm Whistlemagic whistleNeutralIce Mage
The Magic Mirror of MerlinmirrorLawfulKnight
The Staff of WitheringquarterstaffChaoticLycanthrope
The Mantle of Knowledgehelm of brillianceNeutralMonk
The Mitre of Holinesshelm of brillianceLawfulPriest
The Master Key of Thieveryskeleton keyChaoticRogue
The Tsurugi of MuramasatsurugiLawfulSamurai
The Platinum Yendorian Express Cardcredit cardNeutralTouristIf MULDGN and TOURIST defined at compile time
The Holy Swordsilver saberLawfulUndead Slayer
The Orb of Fatecrystal ballNeutralValkyrie
The Eye of the Aethiopicaamulet of ESPNeutralWizard

Amulets Edit

All amulets appear as ". NetHack Plus defines no amulets not present in NetHack 3.1.3.

Food Edit

Food items in NetHack Plus are those present in NetHack 3.1.3, and the following:

holy wafer%

Weapons Edit

Weapons in NetHack Plus are those present in NetHack 3.1.3, and the following:

silver spear)
silver dagger)
axe of throwing)
silver long sword)
heavy hammer)
silver mace)

Tools Edit

Tools in NetHack Plus are those in NetHack 3.1.3, and the following:

magic candle(
orb of enchantment(
orb of charging(
orb of destruction(
medical kit(

Armor Edit

Armor items in NetHack Plus are those present in NetHack 3.1.3, plus the following:

deep dragon scale mail[
deep dragon scales[
robe of protection[[[[
robe of power[[[[
robe of weakness[[[[
bracers of defense[
bracers of absorption[
crystal shield[

Potions Edit

Potions in NetHack Plus have randomized appearances (except for water), occurring as one of ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !.

NetHack Plus defines no potions that are not present in NetHack 3.1.3.

Scrolls Edit

All scrolls appear as ?.

NetHack Plus defines no scrolls that are not present in NetHack 3.1.3.

Wands Edit

Wands in NetHack Plus have randomized appearances, occurring as one of / / / / / /. They are, in addition to those in NetHack 3.1.3:

Spellbooks Edit

Spellbooks in NetHack Plus have randomized appearances (except for blank paper and the Book of the Dead), occurring as one of + + + + + + + + + + + + + +. They are, in addition to the ones in NetHack 3.1.3:

It should be noted here that spells in NetHack Plus (as in NetHack 3.1.3) work rather like wands, having a limited number of charges per read of a spellbook, and that spellbooks can only be read once. Many of these spells, among them enlighten, enchant armor, and enchant weapon, would be unbalancing if combined with the modern spellcasting system.

Rings Edit

Rings in NetHack Plus have randomized appearances, occurring as one of = = = = = = = = = = = =. They are, in addition to those in NetHack 3.1.3:

Stones Edit

Stones in NetHack Plus are, in addition to those in NetHack 3.1.3:

stone of health*
stone of rotting*

Legacy Edit

NetHack Plus was eventually combined with NetHack-- 3.1.3 to form the first version of SLASH.

NetHack brass adds some of the ideas of NetHack Plus to NetHack 3.4.3.

A few of the items, in particular the wand of enlightenment and ring of gain constitution, were eventually accepted into vanilla NetHack.

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