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An ogre is a large, carnivourous humanoid. Ogres can use long range projectile attacks, so stay in close quarters where the ogre can only use its melee attacks. They are generated with either a club (11/12 chance) or a battle axe (1/12 chance)[1].

More fearsome than the simple ogre is the O ogre king and O ogre lord.

Ogresmasher inflicts double damage and has a 1d5 to-hit bonus against ogres, ogre lords and ogre kings.

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Encyclopedia entry Edit

Anyone who has met a gluttonous, nude, angry ogre, will not
easily forget this encounter -- if he survives it at all.
Both male and female ogres can easily grow as tall as three
metres. Build and facial expressions would remind one of a
Neanderthal. Its small, pointy, keen teeth are striking.
Since ogres avoid direct sunlight, their ragged, unfurry
skin is as white as a sheet. They enjoy coating their body
with lard and usually wear nothing but a loin-cloth. An elf
would smell its rancid stench at ten metres distance.
Ogres are solitary creatures: very rarely one may encounter
a female with two or three young. They are the only real
carnivores among the humanoids, and its favourite meal is --
not surprisingly -- human flesh. They sometimes ally with
orcs or goblins, but only when they anticipate a good meaty

[ The Book of Rules; The Eye of the Master]

  1. makemon.c#line355

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