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This page is a list of all one-word messages that are possible.

Sound effects Edit

"Boing!" - Wand of striking or force bolt cast at creature with magic resistance.

"Splat!" - An egg or melon broke. Could be due to throwing it, or it being destroyed by a force bolt/wand of striking while in inventory.[1]

"Thump!" - You kicked a loadstone.

"Splash!" - Venom was thrown.[2]

"Clash!" - You tried to apply a pickaxe to the edge of the map in the Gnomish Mines.

Monsters noisesEdit

"Surrender!" - A possible message from an angry soldier.[3]

"Gleep!" - A tame baby dragon is born out of an egg.[4] This is a reference to the MYTH-series of books by Robert Asprin.

"Nevermore!" - Chat with a non-peaceful raven.[5] This is a reference to Edgar Allan Poe's poem The Raven.

"Burrrrp!" - A purple worm, lurker above, or a trapper swallow a monster.[6]

Thrown objects Edit

"Crash!" - A potion hits a monster but you can't see the monster.[7]

Whang! - A boulder or iron ball hits iron bars.[8]

Clink! - Gold hits iron bars.[9]

Clonk! - Other kinds of thrown objects hit iron bars.[10]

Mail Daemon Edit

"Oops!" - A message related to the mail daemon.[11]

"Catch!" - The mail daemon can't reach you so it throws the scroll of mail at you.[12]

"Gangway!" - A message the mail daemon says when pushing monsters out of its way.[13]

Locking Edit

"Klunk!" - A spell of wizard lock locks a chest.[14]

"Klick!" - A spell of knock unlocks a chest.[15]

Miscellaneous Edit

"Yuck!" - A green slime touches you and slimes you when you're already slimed; this does not cause the sliming to proceed faster.[16]

"Cheapskate." - If you don't offer enough gold to a priest[17]


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