How to make a .slashemrc-gtk config file in linux Edit

The Slash'em config file for the GTK version of the game is a little different than the standard Nethack Options .

Create ~/.slashemrc-gtk (the -gtk is necessary for the GTK version of the game). Its contents should contain something like the following:


TILES=name:Small tiles,file:x11tiles
TILES=name:Big tiles,file:x11bigtiles,transparent
TILES=name:Big 3D tiles,file:x11big3dtiles,transparent,pseudo3D
OPTIONS=tiles:Small tiles

This will start the game with the small tiles, and auto-pickup only money. Then you must add to your ~/.bashrc (or appropriate shell rc) the following:

export SLASHEMOPTIONS=~/.slashemrc-gtk

Be sure to "source ~/.bashrc" after saving. Most of this info was copied from here.

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