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! Pink potion
Name gain energy
Appearance random
Cost 150 zm
Weight 20

Potions of gain energy are largely useful for spellcasters and alchemy.

  • A blessed potion will increase current and maximum energy from 7 to 11
  • An uncursed will have the same results with a range of 2 to 6.
  • A cursed potion will decrease your current and maximum power 2 to 6 points. ("You feel lackluster.")

All potions of gain energy exercise wisdom when quaffed.


For alchemy, mixing a potion of gain energy and a healing/extra healing/full healing will "upgrade" them to an uncursed and diluted potion of extra healing, full healing, or gain ability, respectively. If you dip a potion of confusion into gain energy, you will get a potion of enlightenment (1/3 chance) or booze (2/3 chance).

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