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Quest guardians are peaceful humans generated on the Home level of the Quest. When #chatted to, they will say various messages appropriate to the quest, listed on the appropriate role's Quest page. The quest guardians are:

Role Guardians
Archeologist @ student
Barbarian @ chieftain
Caveman @ neanderthal
Healer @ attendant
Knight @ page
Monk @ abbot
Priest @ acolyte
Ranger @ hunter
Rogue @ thug
Samurai @ roshi
Tourist @ guide
Valkyrie @ warrior
Wizard @ apprentice


The quest guardians for the new roles in SLASH'EM are:

Role Guardians
Flame Mage @ igniter
Ice Mage @ froster
Necromancer @ embalmer
Undead Slayer @ exterminator
Yeoman @ Yeoman Warder

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