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This article is about the IRC bot. For other uses, see Rodney.

Rodney is the bot which announces deaths on the #nethack@freenode channel. He also has a simple database in which users can record useful information for each other; many good tips and advice are contained therein.

Functionality Edit

Notable parts of Rodney's functionality:

  • Game announcements. Whenever somebody ends a game on (whether by death, ascension, escape, or #quit), Rodney will announce that fact in the channel. It is considered good form to remark "Go Team Ant!" when somebody dies to an ant.
    • Rodney now also announces when a player performs the Invocation, enters the planes, or makes a wish.
    • Rodney also posts to twitter.
  • learndb. Any member of the channel can view/add/remove/edit items in Rodney's database. This is a useful repository of information as well as humor. In many ways it's a wiki without history.

Maintainers Edit

  • dtype was the original programmer.
  • paxed has maintained Rodney for some time.
  • Eidolos is currently rewriting Rodney.

Links Edit

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