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( Saddle
Name saddle
Appearance saddle
Cost 150 zm
Weight 200

A saddle is a leather tool needed to ride a monster. To remove a saddle from a monster, use #loot, a knock spell, or a wand of opening. Nymphs and foocubi may also steal a monster's saddle.

Loot won't work if the saddle is cursed.

Cursed saddles also prevent you from dismounting with the #ride command. You cannot uncurse them with a blessed scroll of Remove curse or Holy water. The only ways to get unstuck are to pray to have your god uncurse the saddle, to zap a wand or spell of knock downwards, or to polymorph yourself or your steed into something that can't ride, including eating a mimic[1].

Saddles may be disintegrated if you or your steed doesn't have reflection.

Knights begin with saddled ponies for pets.

Source code referencesEdit

  1. Eat.c#line863
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