Score is calculated all throughout the game, and if you have the showscore setting in your rcfile, you can see it on the bottom line at all times. Score also decides if the game considers your character a beginner.

How score is calculatedEdit

The following things contribute to your score:

The first oracle of each type:

  • Minor (if not yet major): 21 points.
  • Minor (if already major): 9 points.
  • Major (if not yet minor): 210 + (21 * XL) points.
  • Major (if already minor): 90 + (9 * XL) points.

At the end of the game (via death, ascension or escape):

  • 1 point for each zorkmid more than starting gold ( * 90% if game ended in death).
  • 50 * (DL-1) points where DL is the deepest level reached.
  • 1000 points for each dungeon level reached beyond 20, to a maximum of 10000 points.

The score so far is doubled if you ascended. Then, if you escaped the dungeon or ascended, you receive points for items in inventory:

And finally points for adjacent pets equivalent to their total current hit points.

The lowest possible score one can achive when ascending is 24400[1], although this depends on the Sanctum's depth (see below for details).

How to maximize scoreEdit

Certain things are worth more than others when completing the game. When the player ascends, his base score is doubled. Because gold is part of this base score, each gold piece is essentially worth two points. Gold has a weight of one unit per 100 pieces. This means that 100 gold, or 200 points weighs one unit, which is the same weight as the least valuable gem.

Each amulet weighs twenty units and, except for the cheap plastic imitation of the Amulet of Yendor, is worth 150 zorkmids. This makes each amulet worth far less than its weight in gold; however, some of the amulets (such as life saving) would be worth carrying even if they contributed nothing to your final score.

Artifacts weigh more than one unit, so depending on their value, they may or may not be worth more than an equivalent weight in gold. The following chart lists the value of each artifact, its weight, and its value/weight. If the value/weight column is not at least 200, the artifact is worth less than its weight in gold, and, for score purposes, you would be better off carrying gold than that artifact into the End Game.

Artifact Value Weight Value/weight
The Platinum Yendorian Express Card 17500 1 17500
The Master Key of Thievery 8750 3 2917
The Eyes of the Overworld 6250 3 2083
The Bell of Opening 12500 10* 1250
The Book of the Dead 25000 20* 1250
The Candelabrum of Invocation 12500 10* 1250
Magicbane 8750 10 875
The Heart of Ahriman 6250 10 625
The Eye of the Aethiopica 10000 20 500
Grayswandir 20000 40 500
Stormbringer 20000 40 500
The Longbow of Diana 10000 30 333
The Staff of Aesculapius 12500 40 312
The Magic Mirror of Merlin 3750 13 288
Excalibur 10000 40 250
Vorpal Blade 10000 40 250
The Sceptre of Might 6250 30 208
Mjollnir 10000 50 200
Sting 2000 10 200
The Tsurugi of Muramasa 11250 60 187
Fire Brand 7500 40 187
Frost Brand 7500 40 187
Demonbane 6250 40 156
The Mitre of Holiness 5000 50 100
Sunsword 3750 40 93
Werebane 3750 40 93
Grimtooth 750 10 75
Snickersnee 3000 40 75
Orcrist 5000 70 71
The Orb of Fate 8750 150 58
The Orb of Detection 6250 150 42
Cleaver 3750 120 31
Dragonbane 1250 70 17
Giantslayer 500 40 12
Ogresmasher 500 50 10
Trollsbane 500 120 4

* The Invocation items cannot be held in a bag of holding, so if you have one, they're relatively heavier than items in the bag; however, they are still more worthwhile than gold for carrying into the endgame.

Each gem weighs one unit, so every gem is at least as valuable as its weight in gold; some many times over.

Gem Value Color
dilithium crystal4500white
black opal2500black
turquoise2000green, blue
aquamarine1500green, blue
amber1000yellowish brown
topaz900yellowish brown
fluorite400green, blue, white, violet

Berry ascended with 9223372036854775807 points during Junethack tournament.

How to minimize scoreEdit

The minimum possible score for an ascension is dependent on the depth of Moloch's Sanctum in the game:

Sanctum Depth Minimum Score
45 24400
46 24500
47 24600
48 24700
49 24800
50 24900
51 25000
52 25100
53 25200

Yeti ascended with 24400 points during the 2014 Devnull tournament.

References Edit

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