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The scorpion, s, is a monster in NetHack. They are faster than you, have a poisonous sting, and can hide under items, making them a dangerous opponent for low level characters. Their corpses are poisonous, and convey poison resistance about 60% of the time. Scorpions are frequently generated in the ranger quest.


Fighting with a scorpion can be fatal if you lack poison resistance or high magic cancellation. If you have poor strength (or a bad weapon), then don't fight them in melee! Try to use spells/wands/projectiles or (semi)permanent E-word.

Encyclopedia entryEdit

A sub-species of the spider (_Scorpionidae_), the scorpion
distinguishes itself from them by having a lower body that
ends in a long, jointed tail tapering to a poisonous stinger.
They have eight legs and pincers.

[ Van Dale's Groot Woordenboek der Nederlandse Taal ]
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