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Below is the full text to def.edog.h from the source code of Hack 1.0. To link to a particular line, write [[Hack 1.0/def.edog.h#line123]], for example.

Warning! This is the source code from an old release. For the latest release, see Source code

Screenshots and source code from Hack are used under the CWI license.
1.    /* Copyright (c) Stichting Mathematisch Centrum, Amsterdam, 1984. */
3.    struct edog {
4.    	long hungrytime;	/* at this time dog gets hungry */
5.    	long eattime;		/* dog is eating */
6.    	long droptime;		/* moment dog dropped object */
7.    	unsigned dropdist;		/* dist of drpped obj from @ */
8.    	unsigned apport;		/* amount of training */
9.    	long whistletime;		/* last time he whistled */
10.   };
11.   #define	EDOG(mp)	((struct edog *)(&(mp->mextra[0])))

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