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The contents of onames.h is generated automatically during compile-time by makedefs from the data in objects.c and artilist.h

This file contains all the object name definitions, eg.

#define DAGGER  17
#define ELVEN_DAGGER    18
#define ORCISH_DAGGER   19
#define SILVER_DAGGER   20

Rings have RIN_ -prefix, eg.

#define RIN_PROTECTION  155
#define RIN_REGENERATION        156

Potions have POT_ -prefix, eg.

#define POT_LEVITATION  274
#define POT_HALLUCINATION       275

Scrolls have SCR_ -prefix, and spellbooks SPE_

#define SCR_MAIL        319
#define SCR_BLANK_PAPER 320
#define SPE_DIG 321
#define SPE_MAGIC_MISSILE       322

Wands have WAN_, eg.

#define WAN_DIGGING     380
#define WAN_MAGIC_MISSILE       381

This file also contains the indexes to the artifacts array in artilist.h:

#define ART_EXCALIBUR   1
#define ART_STORMBRINGER        2
#define ART_MJOLLNIR    3

And some special definitions, such as LAST_GEM, MAXSPELL, NUM_OBJECTS and NROARTIFACTS.

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