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Below is the full text to src/vis_tab.h from NetHack 3.4.3, as generated when the VISION_TABLES symbol is enabled at compile time. To link to a particular line, write [[vis_tab.h#line123]], for example.

If the VISION_TABLES symbol is not defined at compile time, makedefs produces a shorter form of this file.

/* This source file is generated by 'makedefs'.  Do not edit. */

A clean distribution of NetHack does not include this file. It is generated at compile time.


If VISION_TABLES was not defined when makedefs was compiled, the following lines will not be present:

/* Close */
#define CLOSE_MAX_SB_DY 20	/* |src row - block row| - 1	*/
#define CLOSE_MAX_SB_DX 80	/* |src col - block col|	*/
#define CLOSE_MAX_BC_DY 21	/* |block row - check row|	*/
typedef struct {
    unsigned char close[CLOSE_MAX_SB_DX][CLOSE_MAX_BC_DY];
} close2d;
extern close2d close_table[CLOSE_MAX_SB_DY];

/* Far */
#define FAR_MAX_SB_DY 21	/* |src row - block row|	*/
#define FAR_MAX_SB_DX 79	/* |src col - block col| - 1	*/
#define FAR_MAX_BC_DY 20	/* |block row - check row| - 1	*/
typedef struct {
    unsigned char far_q[FAR_MAX_SB_DX][FAR_MAX_BC_DY];
} far2d;
extern far2d far_table[FAR_MAX_SB_DY];

These last lines are present unconditionally.

#endif /* VISION_TABLES */
The NetHack General Public License applies to screenshots, source code and other content from NetHack.

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