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spellbook of
+   create familiar   Light green spellbook
Appearance random
Spell type clerical
Level 6
Turns to read 42
Power cost 30 Pw
Ink to write 30–59
Cost 600 zm
Weight 50

Allows you to learn the create familiar spell.

This spell creates a monster near you. It has a 1/3 chance of creating an appropriate starting pet (see below) and a 2/3 chance of creating a random monster.[1]. The created monster will be tame, if it is tameable.

Pet types Edit

If create familiar creates an appropriate starting pet, you will receive the following[2]:

  • If you are one of the following roles, you will receive the listed pet type:
Role Pet
Caveman little dog
Knight pony
Ranger little dog
Samurai little dog
Wizard kitten
  • Otherwise, if you have specified the pettype option, you will receive a pet of that type
  • Otherwise you will have an equal chance of receiving a kitten or little dog

References Edit

  1. dog.c#line73
  2. dog.c#pet_type

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