spellbook of
+   enchant armor   Light green spellbook
Appearance random
Spell type enchantment
Level 7
Turns to read 56
Power cost 35 Pw
Ink to write 35–69
Cost 600 zm
Weight 50
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A spellbook of enchant armor allows you to learn the enchant armor spell. The spell is a level 7 Enchantment spell. Casting the spell has a chance based on skill level of acting as an uncursed scroll of enchant armor. The chances of success are 1 in 8 at Expert, 1 in 10 at Skilled, 1 in 12 at Basic, and 1 in 14 at Unskilled or Restricted.

This item does not exist in vanilla NetHack, but can be found in SLASH'EM and NetHack Plus.

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