The status lines are, in the TTY, MS-DOS and Windows window ports, the bottom two lines of information on the NetHack screen. Other window ports have different status areas, but they all show more or less the same information.

TTY, Windows and MS-DOS Edit

A new Monk might have the following status lines:

Wizard the Candidate             St:18/03 Dx:13 Co:8 In:9 Wi:15 Ch:9  Chaotic
Dlvl:1  $:43  HP:11(14) Pw:4(5) AC:4  Xp:1/5 T:7 Conf

From left to right on the first line:

From left to right on the second line:

The current warnings can be your hunger status, Conf, Stun, FoodPois, Ill, Blind, Hallu, Slime or your encumbrance.

X11 Edit

A detail of the status areas on X11.


See also Edit

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