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Name stick of dynamite
Appearance red stick
Damage vs. small 6d6 fire explosion
Damage vs. large 6d6 fire explosion
To-hit bonus +0
Weapon skill ''none''
Size one-handed
Cost 150 zm
Weight 30
Material plastic

A stick of dynamite is a new item introduced in SLASH'EM. It is essentially a more powerful grenade, but it is never randomly generated.


Arming works similarly to grenades, i.e. the time is dependent on BUC status. The fuse is longer, though:

  • Blessed: 15 turns
  • Uncursed: d10+9 turns
  • Cursed: d15+1 turns

When armed, it gives off a radius-2 light, similar to a lit potion of oil. Using a stick of dynamite as a light source is not recommended however.


A stick of dynamite will explode in a fireball doing 6d6 damage, and will attempt to destroy walls and create pits in a 3x3 square centered on the stick of dynamite. This effect is somewhat similar to a broken wand of digging.


As these never appear randomly, most players will never see one. The only way they can appear is via a wish, and they most certainly do not merit one.

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