The Stupid Ascension Tricks list is a large collection of voluntary conducts to attempt once you find regular ascensions easy. Some examples:

  • 3.1.2 Never wore any armor after first 10 turns (using first turns to remove all starting armor). (Naked conduct) Patience: Slight; Luck: Moderate; Planning: Slight
  • 4.3.2 Ate every single edible thing in dungeon before leaving. (Glutton conduct) Patience: Significant; Luck: Trivial; Planning: Trivial
  • 22.3.1 Destroyed Yendorian Economy - All shopkeepers are left alive, but with no gold and no inventory. Patience: Slight; Luck: Trivial; Planning: Trivial
  • 24.2.6 Ascended with at least 30 unused wishes. Patience: Heroic; Luck: Slight; Planning: Trivial
  • 27.2.1 Learned every spell. Patience: Trivial; Luck: Trivial; Planning: Trivial
  • 29.2.1 Ascended with original pet. Patience: Slight; Luck: Slight; Planning: Trivial

Completing a Stupid Ascension Trick and posting about it in rgrn yields a SATAP - a Stupid Ascension Trick Ascension Post.

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