• Feagradze

    Some of my random ideas while playing. Have more, in my notes, soon as I can find them. Who knows. Maybe I'll write a patch some day.

    • Scroll of light, blessed. Enchants a random piece of armor with 'lit' such that it gives off light as a candle. Stacks as though a number of candles, where a full set would create three squares of light.
    • Scroll of fire, confused. Cursed makes a hostile fire-loving monster. Uncursed makes a peaceful fire-loving monster. Blessed makes a tame fire-loving monster.

    #burn command, to turn cloth items into a torch and provide a clue as to what it is, for certain types. Otherwise just makes finding a light source much less annoying for the mines.

    When writing the name of a scroll with a magic marker on the floor, getting…

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  • Feagradze

    Monster Font Effect
    Iron Golem
    Metal looking.
    Clay golem
    Made of dirt.
    Furry looking, but with metal caps on H ends.
    Floating eye
    Reflective looking blue (shiny)
    Furry, possibly leather looking.
    Leather looking, but grayscale.
    Fire ant
    Flaming looking
    Giant ant
    Brown and slimy looking.
    Shocking sphere
    Blue, electric look.

    All of this assuming it'd actually let me set it for every last item, and isn't terribly limited in color selection. Think I can do better than most of those...

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  • Feagradze

    You see here a blessed scroll labeled SEIROMEM DONF.

    I've been playing NetHack for quite some time. Eight years, off and on, and indeed, the game is still yet older than I am. In fact, my first play was when I was only ten (or so) years old—at the time, I almost always starved to death, and could never seem to get past the first dungeon level. I was young, and at the time, had never seen a console program. I was still only just entering the grand field of computers, and had much to learn. I read the guidebook, but to no avail. I just could not figure a way, for the life of me, to get down the stairs. As I learned some five years later, after I had given up, NetHack is case sensitive. I pounded , desperate for my character's life, and in vai…

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