Some of my random ideas while playing. Have more, in my notes, soon as I can find them. Who knows. Maybe I'll write a patch some day.



  • Scroll of light, blessed. Enchants a random piece of armor with 'lit' such that it gives off light as a candle. Stacks as though a number of candles, where a full set would create three squares of light.
  • Scroll of fire, confused. Cursed makes a hostile fire-loving monster. Uncursed makes a peaceful fire-loving monster. Blessed makes a tame fire-loving monster.


#burn command, to turn cloth items into a torch and provide a clue as to what it is, for certain types. Otherwise just makes finding a light source much less annoying for the mines.

Poor Man's Scrolls

When writing the name of a scroll with a magic marker on the floor, getting a special effect that's a bit weaker than if it had been a scroll. If under the influence of the spell protection, gives a blessed effect. Otherwise uncursed. If confused, a cursed effect. If hallucinating, a random effect of random BUC.

  • Scare monster. Becomes a permanant Elbereth square, and all monsters flee.


For the various wands, making them less useless.


Detects magic, anti-magic, and polymorph traps in it's radius. It's radius is furthermore dramatically increased.

  • "The ray of light is consumed in the anti-magic field!" (discovers trap)
  • "The ray of light crackles in the magic trap." (discovers trap)
  • "The polymorph trap explodes in a flash of kaldidoscope colors!" (spawns 2-8 random 'y')

Invoking of wands creates a special effect, and often destroys the wand. A wand of light, invoked, would recharge a lamp back to full, much like a potion of oil


Much more powerful class of wands, which can be wielded as a weapon in the quarterstaff class. A normal scroll of identify will fail to produce a meaningful identification ("Your head fills with a chacophony of unintelligble runes!"). If blessed, it identifies the charges and nothing else, unless a full inventory identify, in which case it does identify the stave.

  • Staff of Dragon's Breath. Gives a random breath attack as though the player were a dragon. The most powerful of which, of course, being a
  • Staff of Wonder. Gives a random wand effect, including polymorph and wishing.


Rods Naming a wand creates an artifact a la Sting, each having an invoke effect, and each allowing a chance of wresting even lacking charges. Further, each can be recharged indefinitely, though do still have a limit of fifteen.


Various effects of engraving the right name with the right wand; each wand may have more than one, and up to three, with it taking a variable number of charges. If too few, wasting what charge it had, as per magic markers. If of a matching alignment, giving an emergency bonus.

Wand God Alignment Effect Comment
light Lawful
nothing None Nothing.
digging God of Mining
enlightenment God of Wisdom

Shows the number of charges of objects.


locking God of Locksmiths
magic missile God of Magic (Hectra?)

Gives magic resistance for 4d80 turns.

Makes a magic trap.

make invisible God of Rogues
opening God of Doors
probing Identify BUC status of items.
secret door detection
slow monster Chaotic
speed monster God of Speed Chaotic
undead turning God of Undeath
fire Creates a fire trap.
sleep Creates a sleep trap.
cancellation Creates an antimagic field.
create monster Neutral Special. Makes a monster of the type engraved, only if blessed.
polymorph Creates a polymorph trap. Wand is consumed.
teleportation Creates a teleportation trap. Wand is consumed.
death Chaotic Absorbs the magic of any object on the square, and adds/subtracts a charge; counts as being recharged once more.
wishing Lawful Same as zapping.

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