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Hello messageEdit

When you start a new game of NetHack, or restore a saved game, or receive mail, or enter a shop, you are greeted:

"Hello <player>, welcome to NetHack!  You are a <alignment> <gender> <race> <Class>."
"Hello, <player>!  Welcome to <Shopkeeper>'s <shop type>!"

For some classes "Hello" is replaced by a translated greeting[1]:

  • Knight: Salutations (Olde English)
  • Samurai: Konnichi wa (Japanese) or Irasshaimase if a shopkeeper
  • Tourist: Aloha (Hawaiian)
  • Valkyrie: Velkommen (Norse) or Hallo if a mail daemon

Goodbye messageEdit

When ending the game, you get the message

Goodbye, <player> the <Class>...

There are also translated versions of "Goodbye"[2]:

  • Knight: Fare thee well (Olde English)
  • Samurai: Sayonara (Japanese)
  • Tourist: Aloha (Hawaiian)
  • Valkyrie: Farvel (Norse)

Source code referencesEdit

  1. role.c#line1448 - the Hello() function
  2. role.c#line1473 - the Goodbye() function

See alsoEdit

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