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A wight is a more powerful counterpart to the barrow wight in SLASH'EM. With two drain life attacks, it can be deadly to a character without high magic cancellation or drain resistance. Luckily, they tend not to appear before the player has MC 3, and thus are not a huge threat, as MC 3 more or less renders their drain life attacks harmless.

Encyclopedia entry Edit

When he came to himself again, for a moment he could recall
nothing except a sense of dread. Then suddenly he knew that
he was imprisoned, caught hopelessly; he was in a barrow. A
Barrow-wight had taken him, and he was probably already under
the dreadful spells of the Barrow-wights about which whispered
tales spoke. He dared not move, but lay as he found himself:
flat on his back upon a cold stone with his hands on his

[ The Fellowship of the Ring, by J.R.R. Tolkien ]

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